Can I remove a dent myself?

Start off by heating the car dent with the hair dryer at its highest temperature, which will expand the plastic of the car. As soon as it’s hot enough, grab the can of compressed air, turn it upside down, and begin spraying that same area. Since the cold air will cause the plastic to contract, … Read more

Can you go slower than the speed limit?

In the eyes of the law, driving too slowly is a hazard to those who are following the speed limit maximum and may cause unnecessary road rage to other drivers. This can then lead to them taking risks and making reckless decisions on the road. Nighttime driving Even where lower speed limits are not established, … Read more

What triangle is both a scalene and acute triangle?

An acute scalene triangle is a type of triangle in which all three sides and angles are of different measurements and all three angles are less than 90 degrees. It has the features of both acute triangle and scalene triangle. A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides have different lengths. Also … Read more

What do it mean to humble yourself?

Definition of humble oneself : to do or say something which shows that one knows one has been wrong, has behaved with too much pride, etc. He needs to humble himself and ask for their forgiveness. To try to cultivate humility, you may want to try one or more of these activities: Spend time listening … Read more

How many cm is 6’4 inches?

6’4 = 193.04 cm. And the resounding answer is yes. 6ft 4 is better than ok. It’s a great height for a guy. Almost all women like tall men, unless they themselves are midgets (like under 5ft 2). 6’3 = 190.5 cm Convert 6 ft 3 to centimeters. Writing feet and inches in AP style … Read more

Which is better chain or belt driven garage door openers?

Chain Drive Openers The chains used on residential garage door openers typically have higher tensile strength and greater lifting capacity than belts. They also may last longer in certain applications. Belt openers also move a lot quicker than chain openers, so it’s less time waiting in the driveway to get into your garage. While belt … Read more

What process forms mid-ocean ridges?

What causes mid-ocean ridges to form? Mid-ocean ridges form at divergent plate boundaries, where seafloor spreading leads to the production of new ocean crust. This new crust is formed due to igneous intrusions and extrusions as magma either cools beneath the Earth’s surface or erupts as lava above the Earth’s surface. The Mid Atlantic Ridge, … Read more

Why is the Faerie Queene called a romantic epic?

A ROMANTIC EPIC. —The Faerie Queene is the most perfect type which we have in English of the purely romantic poem. Four elements enter into its composition: “it is pastoral by association, chivalrous by temper, ethical by tendency, and allegorical by treatment” (Renton). Explanation: Role of Women in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene Edmund Spenser … Read more

Is Leland the killer in Twin Peaks?

Leland as Bob murders Laura’s twin-like cousin Maddy Ferguson (also played by Sheryl Lee). Laura’s murderer is finally revealed as her father Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) who has been possessed by Bob ever since he was a kid. Leland kills himself in jail, which then frees Bob to find another host. In Part 18, he … Read more

Is mozzarella from cows or buffalo?

Mozzarella is one of the only cheeses you’ll encounter on a regular basis that’s made from the milk of water buffalo. In fact, most people who encounter buffalo mozzarella don’t even realize that it’s made from buffalo milk; they assume it’s as closely related to buffalo as Buffalo wings are. mozzarella, mild, smooth-textured cheese made … Read more