hat is the Japanese YOOO? check it out – japanese yooo

the call “IYOOOOO” is a shortened version of the Japanese word “iwaou” which means “let’s celebrate!” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tejime. What does the Kabuki yo mean? Kabuki. In the kabuki theatre, the term is used to refer to melodramatic calls from an audience, or as part of call-and-response singing in Japanese folk music. It is a custom for … Read more

s yesterday was tomorrow today will be Friday? check it out – if yesterday was tomorrow today would

What day is today? Explanation: If yesterday were tomorrow, today is Friday => tomorrow of friday is Saturday. In general, the answer is “[insert today’s date here]”. Show activity on this post. If yesterday was tomorrow (tomorrow being Saturday as today is Friday) then it was spoken on Sunday as yesterday was Saturday. What is … Read more