Should I kill Paolo in Dishonored 2?

He is again marked as a main objective. Take him out one last time, this time he will stay dead and not come back. Killing him will void the “Clean Hands” trophy (for not killing anyone in a playthrough). So make sure you do it on a high chaos playthrough.

When he has been subdued or killed, his body can be looted for three black bonecharms. He first appears at the Black Market Shop in Lower Aventa District. This is your first opportunity to try to kill him, if you so choose. If you don’t attack him, he and two of his Howlers can be found in the alley way next door.

I knocked him out once with the sleep dart in the courtyard (he turned into rats) and once with a stun mine by his shrine once he teleported there. My kill stat went from 0 to 2.

If Paolo is captured or killed, Byrne swiftly begins to build a new chapel and increase the number of Overseers in the district. He also warns all citizens to attend services or be punished. If Paolo survives, in the low chaos ending they can be seen working together on the council.

Non-lethal elimination

If the player wishes to eliminate Paolo non-lethally, Paolo must be knocked out. Both he and the unconscious Overseer Byrne must then be delivered to a silvergraph studio in the Dust District.

How to unlock the Place of Three Deaths achievement. STEALTH APPROACH: If you are going for the stealth achievement, you have to choke Paolo out or sleep dart him the first 2 times. The third time above the bar you have to kill him and can reload.

If both Paolo and Byrne are exiled, both the Abbey and the Howlers are significantly weakened in Karnaca, and the Grand Guard peacefully reasserts its authority in the Dust District in their absence.

Killing Paolo during the mission The Clockwork Mansion will not count as a kill, nor does killing him once during the mission Dust District.

Fate. Granny Rags is killed in the sewers by Corvo during the events of Dishonored. Her marked left hand was eventually discovered by Paolo, leader of the Howlers, who uses it in Dishonored 2 to gain Vera’s power of longevity and ability to cheat death.

If Stilton is saved, the Dust District will be restored to its former glory under his leadership. He can also be found aboard the Dreadful Wale at the beginning of the mission The Grand Palace, informing the protagonist about a secret path into the Duke’s vault.

Go to the Crone’s Hand Saloon. Use Durante’s key to enter Durante’s office and take the Silvergraph Studio key. Grab Paolo’s body from his apartment and move it to the Modotti silvergraph studio. Use the key to open both doors of the Modotti silvergraph studio, then place the bodies of Paolo and Byrne in a crate each.

All but one ending possibility in Dishonored 2 runs along the “chaos” axis of the game, and a few are dependent on whether you play as Corvo or Emily. “Chaos” is determined by how many people are killed by you during that playthrough, especially named characters.

Dishonored. How many endings and requirements? There are three major endings, that fall into two categories. Low Chaos, and High Chaos.

In Dishonored 1, you can get either a light or dark ending depending on your Chaos level.

There isn’t a one, proper method of making them disperse, but when the opportunity arises, jump on Paolo and knock him out, eliminate all the rats which will begin to attack you, and proceed to Paolo’s office, in which he’ll be reborn. When the second opportunity arises, stun him again to be able to carry his body.

Durante’s Key is the key to Durante’s Office in The Crone’s Hand Saloon in the Dust District. It is found on a desk inside the Overseer Outpost, next to the Vice Overseer’s Report .

You can obtain a total of three bonecharms from Paolo by either pickpocketting or looting him after he is dead. Remember that he must be killed or knocked out twice – the first time he will turn into a swam of rats and respawn back at his shrine up on the third floor.